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2020 Edition of the Nitro Racer Guide. A book for drivers, mechanics, and parents. Included you will find detailed track maps with the racing line, braking and throttle points, passing zones, and a break down for each corner on the track. Also included are session logs, checklists, new vocabulary words, and a nitro kart chassis manual/ setup guide.
If your home track is not listed in the book, you can purchase the expansion pack and we will complete your track map with the same detail and send it to you. 
List of tracks included-
  • AMR Clockwise
  • AMR Counterclockwise
  • CMP
  • CMS
  • Daytona
  • GoPro Motorplex
  • New Castle, 3 different configurations
  • NOLA
  • OGP Clockwise
  • OGP Counterclockwise
  • Orlando Kart Center
  • Pitt Race
  • UMC
  • Supernationals 2019