Arrive & Drives

Karting can be very inconvenient as you know. You can't exactly load your kart onto the baggage carousel at your local airport and go to a big race. We are here to help. Nitro-Kart has a proven Arrive and Drive program that handles literally everything for you, from Kart, to Fuel, to GoPro Camera to Engine. Just show up and race. Our team will be at your service to assist with whatever you need. Your driver will be fully immersed in our data and coaching program, utilizing every on-track session to improve.  

Top racers from around the Globe have utilized Nitro-Karts Arrive and Drive program to enter prestigious races in the USA. If you are interested please let us know.  We work hard to make sure we create the absolute best environment at the track for your driver to excel.  

Nitro Kart will be providing Arrive & Drives at these National Series





 "We have been using Nitro Kart's Arrive and Drive services for major national events since 2016.  There is no better program in cadet karting.  We are very pleased with the great coaching Nick and his team have provided, and the Nitro-Kart chassis is the fastest we have ever used."


- Tony NG (Panama)