Chassis Setup - The Nitro Community

Nitro-Kart has already attracted some of the best drivers in the country to be part of our factory race team under the direct supervision of Nick Tucker.   Consequently we have amassed a tremendous amount of tuning data for any major track in the USA.  Most importantly, we have lots of other families out doing their own testing nationwide on Nitro Karts. What makes Nitro-Kart unique is that our "Community" of owners are happy to share setup and tuning data via our private network with any Nitro-Kart owner.

Our Community of members is truly what makes Nitro Kart the most revered kart on the track.  Think about it, you may be struggling with the kart being too bound up at your local track. Most kart owners would have to rely on their friends to see what they might do with another brand of kart to free it up.  At Nitro, you can log into our community, ask your question, and have it answered within minutes by another family, a factory tuner, or by the man Nick himself.  No other kart company has a support network like this, this is one of the many things that makes Nitro unique.   

If you take advantage of one of our programs like Arrive & Drive or Tent Space you'll benefit from historical data as well as data acquired at the track to efficiently tune your kart to conditions.  If you are racing locally, you'll still benefit from almost immediate support via our community. 

One final thing unique to Nitro is Nick Tucker.  Nick is an accomplished racer himself holding the number one SKUSA Plate as well as having a driving career that took him all the way to Nascar.  Nick is able to watch the kids on the track, ask them the right questions, and know what to do to the chassis.  Last minute ride height changes or calls on tire pressure can make the difference in the final laps of the main event. Sure, there are some gifted tuners out there, but to be a gifted tuner and driver is a unique advantage.