Summer Camp - 2018

Nitro-Kart is all about the kids.  Driver development. Training. Teamwork.  We don't just talk about it, we actually practice what we preach.  2016 saw a handful of Nitro drivers undergo driver training with Nick Tucker.  These drivers have seen incredible improvements in racecraft, strategy, driving, stamina, and ultimately in race results, landing on many national podiums well ahead of their peers. 

2017 was our first kart camp, and the drivers that attended made the most of their training, boasting huge results nationwide for the remainder of the 2017 season and into the 2018 season.  This includes an Iame World Championship by Brent Crews!

There is often a big disconnect between coaches and drivers in regards to training. It is difficult to articulate complicated racing techniques to young drivers from highly experienced adult drivers.   Nick has completely refined this process and has added an "on track" element that combines drills with multiple youth drivers along with adult coaches on the track at the same time.   Racing situations can be simulated over and over, whether it be starts, passes, defensive strategies, drafting techniques and more. The racecraft developed using Nick's program is something that would take 500 races to accomplish. These drills are not done until your child gets it right, they are done over and over until your child can't get it wrong.

Our Summer camp is truly unique.  There is nothing else like it in youth motorsports.  It is intense.  Your driver will be pushed beyond their comfort level to build confidence on the track. There will be group drills on track where your driver will have specific goals to achieve amid a pack of hungry racers. There will also be one on one drills with fellow drivers and/or adult coaches on karts to perfect certain techniques.  This will all happen in a controlled environment with safety as our #1 priority.  The repetitive nature of this training will help your driver to learn new things, perfect skills, gain aggression, and improve on track in a short amount of time. 


Each day will be filled with trackside coaching, group drills on track without adult coaches, group sessions on track with adult coaches, one on one sessions with coaches as needed, and seminars with nutritional experts and trainers.  Your driver will be exposed to many new things, including the important of diet and exercise. It doesn't stop there.  We will also have sessions throughout the day for the parents.  These sessions will mainly focus on advanced chassis tuning techniques, maintenance, and engine tuning.   Everyone will stay busy at Nitro Camp!

Driver coaches include Nick Tucker, Skusa Pro Tour Champion.  And Ashley Rogero, another SKUSA Pro Tour Winner.  It is truly a unique opportunity that only Nitro offers to get your driver on the track in a competitive setting with drivers of this caliber solely focused on teaching your driver new skills. 
Nick Tucker
Ashley Rogero


Location - Carolina Motorsports Park - Kershaw, SC
Calendar - June 30th to July 1st (Private lessons & open practice avail June 29th)
Schedule - First Session on track starts at 9AM both days.  Have kart ready trackside by 9AM.  Training will go to dusk on Saturday and end at 4PM on Sunday
Tires - MG Reds, no need to have new tires, but you must have MG Reds.  If you do not have any take-offs just contact us and we'll find some
Engine - Mini Swift, unrestricted
Chassis - Only Nitro-Kart chassis will be allowed at Nitro camp! (if you want to fly in then contact us for a quote on an arrive and drive kart)
Fuel - Available at the track, any standard race fuel/oil is fine however
Safety - All safety equipment will be required at all times per SKUSA rules in regards to both kart and driver. It is the responsibility of the driver's parent to make sure kart and driver are in compliance.

Hotel Info

Executive Inn
301 Hampton St.
Kershaw, SC 29067
Hotel info: (tell them you are participating at Carolina Motorsports Park for $56 rate)

Lunch - Lunch will be provided both days.  
Mechanic - Team Nitro will have parts and tent set up for full support however each driver/kart is expected to have their own mechanic to make sure the kart is ready to run for each session. If you need a mechanic or extended support please contact us for a quote. 

Camp price is $1,250 with a prepay discount of $150($1,100) if paid by 5/15

Please RSVP to Nick Tucker at or (704)818-7868 asap