The Chassis

Nitro Kart
is the culmination of years of testing and development by Nick Tucker and his team. The chassis is based off the same Italian pedigree that so many other leading karts in the USA are currently designed from. What makes Nitro Kart different are the finest hand picked components and tweaks done by Nick Tucker after exhaustive testing. The design and components have created a kart with a huge "sweet spot" in all conditions enabling the driver to focus on driving and not worrying about finding the perfect setup. 

**Now available in a "left engine" 4-Cycle configuration!**

Chassis Specifications:

    • Italian 28mm Chromoly chassis
    • 950mm Wheelbase
    • Anodized Aluminum Components
    • Aluminum Wheels
    • Hydraulic Self Adjusting Brakes
    • Comes Standard with Angled Steering Hub
    • 4L capacity Fuel Tank
    • IMAF Titan Seat
    • 30mm x 5mm x 960mm Axle
    • Fully Adjustable Castor/Camber
    • Multi Position Pedal Mounts
    • KG MK14 Body Work
    • Integrated Battery Box Mounts
    • Fully Adjustable Ride Height 


    High quality adjustable pedals.  Optional adjustable pedal risers available too.
    Rear ride height adjustment, floating/vented disc brake, hydraulic caliper, and innovative pipe support
    Chassis tabs for mounting components like battery boxes
    Front steering geometry with adjustable caster/camber.
    Single piece rear bumper, proven chassis design
    Nitro is the new black!  Join the revolution now.