2023 Nitro Lefty- Full Size

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Ideal for 4-Cycle racing like Briggs 206. Kart performance is increased with a lower CG as the engine no longer has to be tilted forward to clear the right rear tire. Safety is increased as the driver is no longer sitting inches from the chain/sprocket.  And maintenance/tuning is easier becasue the sprocket and chain are exposed for easy sprocket changes and clutch maintenance .  

Chassis Specifications:

American 1.25” Chromoly chassis

Anodized Aluminum Components

Magnesium Wheels

Hydraulic mcp brakes

Comes Standard with Angled Steering Hub

4L capacity Fuel Tank

IMAF  Seat

40mm x 2mm x 1000mm axle

Fully Adjustable Castor/Camber with easy adjust system 

Multi Position Pedal Mounts

Dynamica Body Work

Fully Adjustable Ride Height